Net 45 mm mesh width

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Net 45 mm mesh width

Protection Safety Nets are in outdoor sports facilities as well as in the sports hall used as ball stopp nets.

We offer polypropylene of high-strength PP. This quality of German production has proven itself for this purpose for many years.

In addition to the standard colors white and green, we also offer protection nets in club colors in 4mm thickness with mesh of 120mm, while the Standard colors green and white in sizes 2.3mm, 3.0mm and 4.0mm, with a mesh size of 10mm 45mm, 100mm and 120mm are available.

Polypropylene 3.0 mm, schwarz, MW 45mm

In our internet shop you can choose from our wide range on Protection Safety Nets.
Also you can find a wide range of accessories for the net suspension.
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Material Polypropylene
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