Motorikball Fashion

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Motorikball Fashion Erzi

- Playfully feel structures - Various game variations possible - Made of natural rubber The Motorikball Fashion has particularly fine structures and different patterns. Motoric balls are particularly effective in senso-motoric exercises. Product features Motorikball Fashion: - With very fine structures - Promotion of hand-eye coordination - Diameter: 9,5 cm - Natural rubber with flock - Color green Motoric ball: keys, grasping, throwing, rolling and feeling Whether catching, throwing, feeling or rolling, the Motorikball Crazy makes active fun kids a lot of fun. Due to the special shape, the rubber ball provides various movement games for children. Wake up the joy of movement with the children with exciting group games or individual exercises such as feel, grasp and roll The motorcycle balls have different sizes and structures, so that the play with the balls is always varied. Each structure has certain characteristics and each ball is differently hard. The colourful and bright colors are immediately attentive to children’s eyes and must be felt and tried.

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