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Mobile networkFREEPLAYER STARTER - for volleyball, badminton, football, and tennis!

Themobile network system Freeplayer Starter can be used for many sports. Whetheryou are playing volleyball, beach volleyball, badminton, tennis or football,the pitch is perfect for all balls. The playgrounds are collapsible. Also in the car. Thenet height of the mobile network system for schools and clubs can be adjustedto the correct height (network setting up to 250 cm possible, 10 cm steps).

TheFreeplayer Starter Set includes two game posts with transport wheels and auniversal net with a length of 7 m.

The netsystem consists of:

- for many sports, e.g. Volleyball,beach volleyball, football pitch, badminton, tennis

- suitable forall surfaces

- transportable andstable

- easyand fast to assemble and dismantle

-adjustable in the net height up to 250 cm in 10 cm steps

-including universal net 7 m long

Themains systems consist of 2 foldable multipoint posts with transport wheels(dimensions of the post constructed: 134 x 77 x 250 cm, pitch of the net post:134 x 77 x 33 cm.

Thenet system Freeplayer starter is a few minutes ready for play and can be usedfor almost all line and net games by the fast simple net height adjustment:volleyball, beach volleyball, badminton, tennis, football peloton, etc. Thenetwork system is mobile at any time with the transport wheels attached to thegame post and can bebuilt anywhere. Dimensions of thenet post: 134 x 77 x 250 cm; Adjustmentof the net post 134 x 77 x 33 cm.

Amobile and robust network system ideally suited for schools, clubs andchildren's playgrounds - the mobile network FREEPLAYER STARTER.
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Package height
100 cm
Package width
80 cm
Package length
140 cm
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