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The medal winner is with standard emblem (see PDF product data sheet) and band of choice. The medals are available in gold, silver or bronze. As an emblem, in addition to the standard types for gymnastics, football, athletics, swimming, basketball, tennis, etc. many other motives. Please indicate your desired color of the medal and the ribbon, as well as the standard emblem when ordering (in the order field)! Available colors for bands: white / red, white / blue, white / green, white / black, black / red / gold, black-red, black-yellow, yellow-blue, yellow-green, blue, red, European flag Delivery of the medals is mounted (emblem & volume 22 mm). For an engraving of the medal please note the articles A2153 (foil engraving) and A2154 (direct engraving). If you have other medal types or other emblems or other special requests, then do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help

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