Cherry Pit Neck Cushion 30x30 cm

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Nackenkissen mit Kirschkernen, 30 x 30 cm, rot

The heat cushion by its shape ideal for the neck. Cherry pits have the property of storing heat very well. Therefore, grain pillows such as cherry stone pillows and spelled pillows are also referred to as a dry hot water bottle. The hot water bottle is for many a widespread home remedy for discomfort, tension and all sorts of complaints. The cores of the heat pad, give off the heat slowly and steadily. The grain pillow filled with cherry pits are available as 19 x 19 cm and 30 x 20 cm cushions.

- Croissant shape is ideal for the neck
- Donates pleasant warmth
- For heat and cold therapy
- In the oven or microwave to heat

Suitable for heating and cooling applications
Especially in the cold season, the grain pillow is the ideal heat source and hot water bottle, e.g. to release tension. In addition, the Cherry pits heat pad can also be used for pain relief, bruises or general malaise. The cherry stone pillow is used in therapy, gymnastics, sports and leisure. The pillow can also be used for cold application. Simply place the cold pad in a freezer box. Treat your complaints in a natural way.

Product features Cherry stone pillow with cotton cover:

- Filling: cherry pits
- Material cover: 100% cotton
- Dimensions of heat pad: 30 x 30 cm

Kübler Sport Tips for use and warming
The cover of the cherry stone pillow is made of cotton and very durable. The material feels very comfortable and soft. You can warm the grain cushion in the oven, but also in the microwave very easily. The heat is stored for a long time thanks to the cherry pits. For cold application, such as bruises, pack the cherry stone cushion in a plastic bag and then place it in the freezer compartment. Please note the useful information on the enclosed application manual.

The cherry stone cushion provides quick and easy supply of heat. Other products and professional therapy devices for heat therapy such as red light emitters, moor and heat transfer and Fango & paraffin, can be found in our online shop.


- Füllung: Kirschkerne
- Material Bezug: 100 % Baumwolle
- Maße Wärmekissen: 30 x 30 cm
- Sehr strapzierfähig
- Im Backofen oder der Mikrowelle zu Erhitzen Zur Wärme- und Kälteanwendung

Was zeichnet das Kirschkern-Nackenhörnchen aus?

- Hörnchenform ist ideal für den Nacken
- Spendet angenehme Wärme
- Für die Wärme- und Kältetherapie

Kübler Sport Tipps zur Anwendung und Erwärmung

Das Material fühlt sich sehr angenehm und weich an. Sie können das Körnerkissen im Backofen, aber auch in der Mikrowelle sehr leicht erwärmen. Die Wärme wird dank der Kirschkerne sehr lange gespeichert. Zur Kälteanwendung, bei zum Beispiel Prellungen, verpacken Sie das Kirschkernkissen in eine Plastiktüte und legen es anschließend in das Gefrierfach. Beachten Sie hierbei die nützlichen Informationen auf der mitgelieferten Anwendungsanleitung.


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