Kinetic Sand

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Kinetic Sand

The new and innovative way to combine fun and therapy! Kinetic Sand is versatile and can be used by any age group. In addition to the fun of building sandcastles or recreating various objects, there is always a therapeutic approach. In addition to the creative fun, the haptic and tactile perception is promoted. The gripping and feeling also relaxes and can be conducive to reducing stress. Thus, the Kinetic Sand is ideal for kindergartens, schools and therapy facilities. - Promotes haptic and tactile perception - Relaxation and stress reduction - For all ages The therapy sand has a unique feel that reminds of wet beach sand. The sand is not heavy but feels soft and supple and has a great momentum of its own. The therapeutic sand is available in sand colors and the colors red, blue and green. Simply a great experience for the various sensory organs! - Great momentum - Different colors - 98% quartz sand Due to the unique composition of quartz sand and a binder, no residues remain on the hands or on the surfaces. If the sand is stored dry at room temperature, it can be used as often as desired. Even the colored sand does not rub off due to high quality materials.

Possible use in therapy The sand can be a building block for different therapies. As an alternative, he can also replace the therapy plasticine. Due to its special feel and endless play possibilities it is suitable for all age groups. In ergotherapy, the sand is used in disorders of development, concentration deficits and fine motor area. - Concentration ability - exercise training - fine motor skills The Kinetic Sand is available in the sand-colored version as a pack of 2.5 kg and in the color version as a 2.27 kg pack. Both sizes are enough for 1-2 persons.

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