Junior Soccer Goal in ground sockets

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Junior Soccer Goal in ground sockets

The soccer goal is for insertion into ground sleeves and thus for stationary use in youth games in soccer.

The groud sockets for these youth football goals are included in the delivery. The youth soccer goals have the usual dimensions of 5x2 meters and the corner joints are welded with mitered joints. The adapter function of the welded miter ensures a very high stability. A further advantage is that, contrary to expectation, it will occur after some time to a damage in a range that parts can be exchanged individually. The football goals with welded miters are absolutely comparable to a football goal, which is fully welded and therefore completely stable. The youth football goal has a bottom goal depth of 1.5 m and an upper depth of 80 cm. The football goal has only top hanger and no floor frame. The doors are aluminum-anodized or alu-natural blank. Crossbar and posts have a 120 x 100 mm oval profile.

Product features Youth soccer goal in ground sockets: 

- Dimensions: 5x2 m (Youth football goal)

- Material: aluminum

- Gate depth: down 150 cm / up: 80 cm

- door profile (slats, posts): 120 x 100 mm

- Gate flooring: none

- Processing: welded miter

- Design: in ground sleeves

- Surface / Color: Alu-anodized / natural blank

- Accessories: grounding sleeves, net hooks

Robust youth football goal with welded miters in ground sleeves Made in Germany

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Material Aluminium
Weight 35.00 kg