Junior Soccer Goal fully welded, transportable

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Junior Soccer Goal fully welded, transportable

Youth goal fully welded and transportable, goal depth 200 cm. Similar to the youth soccer goal with Power-Press, this goal is equipped with a standard power supply. The soccer goal is extremely robust, thanks to the corner angle reinforcement. The youth soccer goal of size 5x2 meters is fully welded and transportable. The continuous oval profile (120 x 100 mm) of these soccer goals not only creates a visual appearance, but also provides sufficient stability for these goals. There are the soccer goals with two goal depths: - Football goal depth 150 cm (below): F1825 - Football goal depth 200 cm (below): F1837 Product Features Youth soccer goal with standard net attachment: - Dimensions: 5x2 m (Youth football goal) - Material: aluminium - Gate depth: down 200 cm / top: 80 cm - door profile (slat, post, floor frame): 120 x 100 mm - Processing: fully welded - Execution: freestanding / transportable - Surface / Color: Alu-anodized / natural blank - Accessories: ground anchoring (lawn) / standard net hooks Other youth goals or similar football goals (safety gate, stadium gates, football goal, weight, soccer goals in ground sleeves, PlayersProtect, etc.) can be found in our online shop category: Teamsport Thanks to a new manufacturing process now even more robust! The corner slats / posts are now reinforced with the inner corner angle 'Mammut'. The brackets are welded to the corner from the inside, instead of being screwed as before, to minimize thermal and mechanical influences on the weld seams and significantly increase the service life. In accordance with DIN EN 748, freestanding doors must be secured against overturning during play and during non-use. They comply with these requirements by using a ground anchorage or a counterweight

This goal is now manufactured with the corner joint 'Mammut' (Mammoth)!
For you this means: more quality for the same price.

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