Joola® Table-Tennis-Bat-Bag MATCH


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Joola® Table-Tennis-Bat-Bag MATCH

Table tennis set for schools.

The table tennis racquet set consists of: 14 Joola Matchers, 30 Joola Training 40 white balls and a practical storage bag. The table tennis racket Joola Match is a racquet for players who have already made the first table tennis experience. The racket with knobs inside and TRAMP flooring (ITTF flooring). The sponge pad is about 1.7 mm thick. The gripping form is concave. The special plywood of the table tennis racket is five-ply glued.

Table tennis set consisting of:

- 14 TT bat match, ITTF approved

- Stick specification: Tempo 68, Effet 73, Control 93

- 30 TT-balls Training 40 white

- 1 storage case*

The racquet is well suited for beginners and hobby players. It is characterized by the following features: Speed ​​68, Spin 73 and Control 93. In addition, the table tennis bat has the ErgoGrip technology for an ergonomic grip, which is well in the hand, the selected Plywood technology and the Control System technology, and the vibration increase the ball control. The table tennis balls Joola Training 40 mm white included in the set have an excellent training quality.
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Package length
31.4 cm
Package width
26.3 cm
Package height
28.6 cm
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