Handball Goal Net; Small Court Net white

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Handball Goal Net; Small Court Net white

This optically great variant of the gate nets has hexagonal or honeycomb-shaped meshes. Thegate nets are suitable for all gates of 3x2 m and a gate depth of 80/100 cm. The goal nets are ideally suited for handball, futsal or beach handball and consistof high-strength 3.5 mm thick polypropylene (PP). The mesh width is about 100 mm. Inaddition to the upper tensioning line (standard), the handball net has anadditional leash, which consists of a rubber and provides a considerable reduction in force when pulling on the net and ensures that the goal nets areeven more durable.

Thefollowing colors are available:
- Net in white(one color): H1411
-Net in green-white (checkerboard pattern): H1456
-Net in blue-white (checkerboard pattern): H1457
-Net in red and white (checkerboard pattern): H1458

Absolutelyuniform mesh optics and high energy absorption. Facilitatinggrid mounting due to an ideal grid shape. Netsfulfill the requirements of DIN EN 749.

Product features HandballGoal Net  H1411:
-Material thickness: 3.5 mm PP (polypropylene), knotless
-mesh width: 100 mm, hexagonal (honeycomb)
- Color white
- Tensioning line: top
- Additional line:available
- Netdepth: above 80 cm, below 100 cm
- Exactnet dimensions: 3,10 x 2,10 meters
- Suitablefor handball goals 3 x 2 m
-Delivery: pair

If you have not found your desired net, color or thickness, please contact us by phone or online.

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SKU H1411
Material Polypropylene
Weight 5.00 kg