Handball & Small Court Net EXCLUSIVE white

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Handball & Small Court Net EXCLUSIVE white

Running back 80 cm at top and 100 cm at base. Mesh width 10 cm. DIN EN 749 approved. High strength mesh and energy absorption capability. The lightweight design and soft structure of the nets make them easier to assemble. Precise mesh size because of the way the joins in the mesh interlock. Very little abrasion and high resistance to chafing. Delivery in pair.
In addition to the upper tensioning line, this net has a lower tensioning line to comply with DIN EN 749 and prevent the ball slipping through between the goal posts and the net at the base. The upper tensioning line is fitted with a quick-fit adjuster to guarantee simple tensioning of the net. The nets are fitted with an elastic lacing cord for attachment to the goal posts, to protect the outside rows of mesh.

Polypropylene 4 mm, knotless, robust.

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Material Polypropylene
Weight 6.80 kg