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Landing mats ensure a soft landing and cushion the impact after jumps for gymnasts of all levels. This type of mat is characterized by a low sinking depth and is therefore suitable for sports that require pinpoint landings.

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Landing mats: soft landing in all performance levels

Landing mats combine fall protection and stability

In contrast to soft floor mats, landing mats offer not only a soft base but also high strength. This property makes them the ideal safety concept for apparatus and artistic gymnastics. Landing mats can also be used as fall protection for heights of up to 1.8 meters. In order to prevent injuries, a landing mat should not be missing for special gymnastic exercises on equipment, for example the leapfrog. The sports mats are therefore indispensable and are part of the standard equipment of every gym.

The special structure as a safety feature of landing mats

Landing mats are available in a wide variety of sizes and variants. They consist of a foam core and are built up in layers. It is precisely this sandwich construction that makes it so stable and prevents it from sinking too deep. The ends of the gymnastics thus receive a high level of stability. In addition, the edges are equipped with special stabilizers, which further increases safety. The upper side consists mostly of a blue needle felt, which is extremely skin-friendly and thus prevents skin injuries. The side border is made of tarpaulin and ventilation holes ensure good air circulation. With the underside, care should be taken to ensure that it is non-slip and holds the sports mat securely in its intended place. All materials are very robust and resistant, the surfaces can also be easily cleaned with a cloth and water.

Many mats in the range are FIG certified and are characterized by rapid force reduction, high damping and excellent stability. The mats that meet these standards usually include the gymnastics mats from Spieth and Bänfer.

Numerous areas of application

Landing mats are mainly used in gymnastics and physical education as well as in classic school sports. Their special properties make them particularly popular with children. When using landing mats, it is important that the children have reached a certain body weight in order to make optimal use of the protective mechanisms of the landing mats. Due to the sandwich construction, light children do not sink deep enough and the exercise mat loses its cushioning properties. Small children should therefore exercise and play with soft floor mats. Basically, landing mats can be used from primary school age in the following areas:

  • School sports
  • Club sports
  • Artistic gymnastics
  • Apparatus gymnastics

How are gym mats stored or secured?

The mats usually have 4 or more carrying loops for easy transport. After use in a club or school sport, they can either be secured to the wall or transported on a mat trolley / transport trolley. The mats are secured against falling over or falling with the appropriate fastening tape or belt.

What is a reversible mat?

A reversible mat is a combination of a soft floor mat and a landing mat. On the sides and on the soft floor side, the cover is made of tarpaulin and on the landing side of needle felt or needle felt. As the name suggests, the gym mat can be turned for the respective type of application. It is ideal for small sports halls or multi-purpose halls.