Bewegungslandschaften - ideal für Kinder zur spielerischen Bewegungserziehung und motorischen Grundausbildung

Activity Courses

To support and activate the spirit of adventures and the normal urge of movement that a child has inside it - this is what defines the activity courses from Kübler Sport. And this is put into practice with some pedagogical and educational useful sport concepts. It is ideal to include in such an exercise course elements from different motoric abilities which are required for sports people. Those elements can be adapted to the age of the users. Young children love to swing and older children love to test and show their abilities in climbing or jumping. In this system you can combine those just named elements in a very simple way. Most important is the safety from all users for us. So we included the safety aspect in the process right from the start. The selection of high quality materials, as well as a professional installation belongs to our service together with a regular maintenance. The result you can see in the children's laughing faces and the satisfied operators.