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Mobile ballet bars, wall-mounted bars or double ballet bars with a base - in our range you will find the right ballet bars in high quality and in different lengths for every need and every ballet training. Ballet bars are not only indispensable in dance schools, dance studios or ballet academies, they have also become basic equipment in the areas of fitness, therapy, rehabilitation or training at home.

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High quality ballet bars for studios, clubs, therapy & rehabilitation

Ballet - the classic stage dance

Ballet is its own form of stage dance and an independent art form. Stories are told through the movements and steps of the dancers, often as a tiptoe dance, and a certain mood develops. There is a fixed choreography for each dance or story, which contains a defined sequence of steps. The dance is supported by classical music, stage sets and clothes.

The right ballet bar for every need

Ballet sticks are an indispensable part of ballet dance training in dance schools, dance studios or in sports halls with children and adults and are used primarily there. They also serve as an aid for warm-up and stretching exercises and provide support when studying the various positions. Basically, you can choose between two set-up options or versions for training or demonstrations: ballet bars for wall mounting are firmly screwed to the wall with stable wall brackets and mobile, height-adjustable ballet bars. On the other hand, the Braigbarre, i.e. a ballet bar with a stand, can be set up free-standing in the room. The barre is one of the mobile ballet bars. In our shop there are also ballet bars and bars that can be adjusted in height due to their mounting or wall mounting.

What wood are ballet bars made of? Ballet sticks must fulfill many points in their composition and appearance. On the one hand, the ballet bar should be stable, resilient and durable, and on the other hand, the ballet bar with its bracket or wall bracket should look classy. Ballet sticks made of wood, especially made of ash wood, meet these requirements. Ash wood is characterized by high strength, toughness and elasticity. Wooden poles are resilient, easy to grip and even when contaminated by sweat from the dancers, the wooden poles remain non-slip. The high abrasion resistance of this material makes the ash wood perfect for ballet bars. Nevertheless, in specialist shops you usually have the choice between ballet sticks made of ash, oak and beech (each in different colors).

Buy ballet barre

Various ballet bars are available from Kübler Sport, so you can find the right bar for every application. We offer stable ballet bars, both for fixed anchoring to the wall with suitable wall brackets, as well as free-standing ballet bars for mobile use. The right accessories, such as Ballet bar holder, you can also easily order in our online shop. We have bars made of ash wood or turpentine pine. The ballet bar is characterized by high grip, density and durability, which effectively helps to stabilize the balance. The corners have been sanded and smoothed for greater convenience and safety.

How high should a ballet bar be?

Most of the ballet bars are height adjustable due to their holder. In the studio or in the ballet school, we recommend attaching the ballet bar for children at a height of approx. 87 cm (top edge of the bar is at this height). The ballet bar for adults should be at a height of approx. 110-120cm. When attaching double poles for adults, the pole should be at a height of approx. 80-90cm. When using it at home, you should align the ballet bar to your own height. The easiest way to do this is to use the height of your elbow as an orientation for attachment or wall mounting to suit your height. Basically, the wall attachment or wall bracket of the ballet bar is located between the hip and waist.

What is fitness on the ballet barre?

Ballet bars are also increasingly being used in training in fitness studios or physiotherapy practices. Mostly these are workouts or a mixture of endurance sports and muscle training with elements from ballet, Pilates, yoga and weight training. These exercises then take place on the ballet bar and on the floor. Training on the ballet bar is often supplemented by other training equipment, such as balls or dumbbells. Exercises on the bar especially train the deep muscles and the stability of the whole body. The Barre Workout is a special full-body workout on the ballet bar, which is based on figures and movements from classic ballet and contains gymnastic elements. Here, too, the ballet bars are attached to a wall and e.g. a ballet mirror belongs to the other ballet equipment.

In our range you will find the right ballet bar at an attractive price for ballet training of ballet figures or for use in the dance studio, in sports halls or at home. Other ballet accessories from us, such as ballet mirrors, are also extremely popular.