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Floor Exercises

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We offer you a large selection of different, high-quality products for floor exercises (one of the disciplines in gymnastics). From suitable floor runners to floor gymnastics mats, floor surfaces, gymnastics or competition areas, you will find everything we need for optimal equipment for overturns, jumps or turns in floor exercises. Discover our extensive range now and simply order your accessories for floor exercise or gymnastics online.

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High quality and non-slip products for floor exercise

What is floor exercise?

Floor gymnastics is very popular with all gymnastics enthusiasts, whether at the Olympic Games, World Championships or every year at gymnastics festivals. As the name suggests, these are gymnastic exercises on the floor and a gymnastics discipline next to gymnastics, such as on the balance beam or horizontal bar. Mostly these exercises or the basic exercises of floor gymnastics are connected with a lot of acrobatics and the sequence of the lined up, diverse floor exercises of this classic gymnastics discipline requires a lot of strength, endurance and brilliance in the presentation. Only small mistakes in the practice of floor exercises already give points. The primary device in floor gymnastics is the floor or surface on which the typical elements of floor gymnastics, such as Flick-Flack, hand support rollover, rollover, reel or flight reel, bike, double somersault or somersault or turns, can be gymnastic in rows. In floor exercise there are also exercises with equipment. Here, devices such as Skipping ropes, clubs or exercise balls used. In floor exercise there are competitions with freestyle for both women and men.

What mats are there for floor exercise?

There are different mats in floor exercise. These differ primarily according to their purpose. This means whether the gymnastics mat is used in competition (competition area) or in training, as a gymnastics area for acrobatics, gymnastics or cheerleading or for floor exercise in children's gymnastics or in school in gymnastics for moving and playing. It is important that the floor tower mat always provides the correct damping for your application (e.g. also under a horizontal bar or balance beam). With us you get these products for floor exercise:

  • Floor gymnastics track
  • Floor gym area
  • Tumbling tracks
  • Airtrack mat
  • Acrobatic track
  • Transport trolley for mats
  • Our products for floor exercise

We offer gymnastic equipment for gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, such as a uneven bars or a pommel horse. The floor gymnastics surfaces or floor gymnastics mats for gymnastics are all distinguished among others. by the following aspects:

  • Non-slip
  • Good grip
  • Durable and durable
  • Durable
  • Fixed material and surface connection
  • Smooth edges for seamless mating of several mats

What are tumbling tracks?

Compared to simple floor exercise mats, tumbling tracks are characterized by a significantly stronger spring action (like a swinging floor). This is achieved through the substructure of the mat, especially in gymnastics, tumbling tracks are used for the training of acrobatic elements and acrobatic connections. That is why a tumbling track is often referred to as an acrobatic track.

What are Airtrack mats?

It is basically an air-filled tumbling track that can be used in many different ways and has the properties of an oscillating floor. The mat has the charming advantage of not having any hard edges or surfaces that need additional padding or securing. As a result, the airtrack mat is safer and the risk of injury is lower. In addition, the Airtrack can be stored more space-saving and has a very low weight. Children in particular can easily clean up Airtrack mats themselves. This gymnastics mat is particularly good for school gymnastics, because with this device in floor gymnastics, students can collect numerous movement skills. In addition, gymnastics exercises in the discipline of floor gymnastics, such as a flight role, can be carried out very well on this gymnastics device. The degree of hardness of the mat can be determined and you can also regulate the spring effect. Please note the instructions for this device in floor exercise before using the Airtrack mat.

The mobile use of floor gymnastics

Especially in small equipment rooms or for a mobile use of gym mats (also competition areas), gym mats are available that can be rolled. You will also find various transport trolleys with us, with which you can transport the different floor exercise mats quickly and easily. The trolley prevents the floor panels from being carried or pulled effortlessly, which is easy on the back and extends the life of the panels. A simple and quick transport in a few seconds also shortens the assembly and disassembly time of the floor mats in the gym for an even faster start of the training for gymnasts or the groups. Discover now in our large assortment various products for floor gymnastics, so that men and women in training and competition have optimal conditions for the presentation of their freestyle with flying rollers, somersaults and jumps, but also schoolchildren an optimal substructure for moving and collecting new movement skills to have.