Floorball Training Rink 24 x 14 m

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Floorball Training Rink 24 x 14 m


Floorball training ring for indoor use.

The Floorball system consists of 22 (20 x 10 m) or of 30 segments (24 x 14 m) 2 m , 4 segments with 1 m and 4 corner pieces. The ring systems come complete with 1 trolley .

- For the field size 20 x 10m or 24 x 14 m
- Color of the ring segments: white
- Completely with trolley
- Total weight : 250 kg (20 x 10 m) and about 300 kg (24 x 14 m)

Each floorball ring segment is 50 cm high and consists of a shock and impact -resistant front, ground plate and handrail. The segmants fit perfectly together. They are connected with a 8 mm thick rubber cord so that they can be quickly, easily and accurately connected.

Made up of reinforced polypropylene plates :
- Material thickness: 4 mm below, 10 mm above
- Straight segments, 2 m long, weight approx. 6.5 kg
- Straight segments, 1 m long , weight approx. 3.2 kg
- Rounded corner pieces, about 1 m long with an angle of 90 °, weight approx. 9.0 kg

Floorball is an ideal game for schools, clubs and leisure sports.

Floorball is quick and easy to learn, and is extremely popular. Besides improving endurance, reaction and coordination has Floorball many advantages as a preparation for other sports.

Create optimal training conditions for floorball with the floorball training ring.

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