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Weight plates are a versatile training device and have become an integral part of strength training, strength training and the entire fitness area. Both in the gym and during many fitness exercises at home, you need weight plates. With us you will find a large selection of high-quality weight plates in different weights and from well-known brands or manufacturers, such as Eleiko. Now find & buy the right disc and complete an optimal strength training with our weight plates.

14 Items

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Buy sturdy and high-quality weight plates

With weight plates for a variable strength training

Weight plates are a variable and versatile training device. Strength training with a barbell or dumbbell with weight plates is not only very effective and beneficial for building muscle in your body (from different muscle groups), but in addition to strength, the muscular coordination is also trained and promoted. However, with weight plates you can also do endurance training very well. For effective whole-body training or for the entire body, barbell bars with exchangeable barbell weights are suitable. The barbell. Depending on the exercise and level of performance, dumbbells or barbells are fitted with weight plates or with different weights so that you can always train with an optimal training weight. For training the legs and the trunk, we recommend a higher weight or size of the weight plates or heavy weight plates should be placed on the barbell. The somewhat low weights or lighter weight plates should be used for a training for the upper body and arms (beginners should also use a lower weight when starting weight training). In our range you will also find complete weight plate sets with optimal grip. With a set of different weight plates, you always have the right training weight at hand and the weight bar can be equipped with the right weight plate.

Materials of weight plates

For weight training, weight plates can either be made of chrome or traditionally made of cast iron. Both materials (chrome and cast iron) are equally suitable for strength training in the gym or at home. In addition, the weight plates can be equipped or covered with a rubber covering or casing or a plastic covering or casing. The cover (rubber or plastic sheathing) prevents noise development on impact or dampens the noise during impact and protects the floor of the sports hall or the fitness room or exercise room from e.g. Scratches or quirks.

Attaching a weight plate

There are various closures and clips to fix the weight plates firmly and securely on the barbell or the barbells. Quick release clips not only secure the weight plate securely and reliably, the weight plates can also be replaced with lightning speed using the quick release. A quick, smooth and easy exchange of weights is very pleasant, especially in barbell courses for participants and trainers. The spring lock is and remains the classic among weight plate locks. Press the spring together, pull off the lock or spring lock, remove the weight plate, put the new weight on the hole, pull the spring clip or spring lock onto the rod - done!

Buying a weight plate

Our weight plates are all characterized by the following advantages and properties:

  • Resilient & robust
  • Durable
  • High quality of materials (cast iron or cast iron or chrome)
  • Various covers of the weight plates (covered with rubber or plastic)
  • Comfortable to hold and grip (very good grip)
  • Good grip or grip while exercising
  • Different weights, sizes and diameters of the weight plates (e.g. 10 kg, 20 kg or 0.5 kg etc.)
  • Suitable for different barbell bars, dumbbells, barbells etc.
  • Versatile use (cross training, weight lifting, various strength exercises)
  • Choice of different colors

Discover our large selection of different weight plates in high quality and at a great price and simply order the right plate online in our shop. Our weight plates are suitable for professional strength training in the gym as well as for optimal home training or weight training in sports. In addition to sets with various weight plates, you will also find complete dumbbell sets and high-quality models from a weight bench from well-known manufacturers.