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Kettlebells are particularly suitable for a complete and optimal training of the upper body, especially the arms and shoulders. This training device not only builds muscles and speaks to different muscle groups, but also promotes better mobility, endurance, strength endurance, rapid strength and coordination of the entire body and the center of the body. In our shop you will find a large selection of high-quality kettlebell designs from well-known brands and at great prices. Discover the right kettlebell now and train for your next workout with this all-rounder among fitness equipment!

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What are kettlebells

Kettlebells are also called dumbbells and train the entire upper body. The ball dumbbells look like cannon balls with a handle. A variety of exercises are possible with kettlebells, such as single-arm swing exercises, pushing or tearing. All in all, an almost unlimited number of exercises (e.g. squat) and basic exercises with swing for a workout with the device for fitness training are possible. With the kettlebells, in addition to optimal training for building muscle in many muscle groups, you can also very well find your posture (middle of the body, stable trunk), core muscles (hip-wide standing, stable trunk), stability, speed, flexibility, endurance or strength endurance and body coordination Exercise (legs, hands, back, stomach, feet, buttocks, etc.). Kettlebells complement the training with dumbbells and dumbbells very well or fulfill the same functions as dumbbells and dumbbells.

What are the differences with the ball dumbbell?

Ball dumbbells can have a fixed and a variable weight. Depending on the level of performance or training level, vary the weight or training weight of the kettlebells. The differences between fixed and variable weight or designs are as follows:

  • Kettlebells with a fixed training weight: The larger the diameter of the round weight, the higher or heavier the kettlebell.
  • Kettlebells with variable weight: These kettlebells should not be used by beginners or beginners in kettlebell training or in the basic exercises or swing exercises with a dumbbell. Because with each increase in weight, the center of the kettlebell also shifts. This makes it even more difficult for beginners to learn the correct and clean technique in a waist-wide position and possibly with one arm with a ball dumbbell.

What weight is right for me?

When training with a kettlebell, the weight and size of the ball dumbbell should always be selected correctly. As with many other training devices, you should start with a lower weight in your training plan or exercises and learn the right technique with a kettlebell at the beginning of your training plan. Better do more repetitions with the ball. Otherwise we can recommend the following weights for exercises for an average trained person:

  • Women: entry with 6 to 8 kilograms
  • Men: entry with 12 to 16 kilograms

What material are kettlebells made of?

In our range you will find cast iron kettlebells and rubberized kettlebells. Rubberized ball dumbbells are gentle on the floor and enable low-noise training. Such kettlebells are particularly suitable for beginners and beginners, as they often drop the ball dumbbell onto the floor when you grip it. Cast iron kettlebells are more precisely balanced compared to rubberized dumbbells, which has a joint-gentle effect (especially for the knees and hips) in some exercises. In addition, cast iron ball dumbbells have the advantage that the round weights do not come loose from the handle.

The handle of a kettlebell

One of the most important parts of a ball dumbbell is the handle. The grip can have differences in the grip width, grip strength and grip properties. Because there are smooth and roughened handles. You should always use the non-smooth handles without gloves. With regard to the handle width and the strength of the handles, you should decide individually so that the kettlebell lies comfortably and securely in your hand.