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Training with plyoboxes is particularly popular for fast sports, such as ball sports, athletics or martial arts. With plyometric training, you primarily train your jumping ability (jumping training or jumping strength training), speed (rapid strength training), endurance, strength and condition. In our shop you will find a large selection of plyoboxes for effective training in the gym, sports club or at home. Discover the right box or the right training device now and train even more effectively and intensively!
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Buying high quality & resilient plyoboxes

What is a plyobox?
A plyobox is used for plyometric training and is usually in the form of a box. The plyobox is traditionally made of wood (wooden box). The plyoboxes are manufactured in different sizes and are used as training equipment in various sports. Because training with the boxes improves Your bounce, speed or strength and the thighs and core muscles strong.

What is plyometric training?
The goal in training with a pylobox or jump box is that the jumping power (jumping training) and the quick strength (quick strength training) are improved and increased. You jump on the pyloboxes or the jump box from the ground (jump, jump training or jumping strength training). The training concept or the training with the spring box is based on a process called the stretch-shortening cycle (DVZ). This describes the following process: first there is a stretch (eccentric phase) during a movement, followed by a concentrated contraction of the muscles or muscles. The amortization phase lies between these two phases. This phase should be kept as short as possible so that no energy is lost. This phase takes place e.g. when contacting the ground or before jumping on the box instead. During the eccentric phase, part of the kinetic energy is stored as a preload, which is released again in the contraction phase. The release of the pre-tension and the occurrence of a reflex-like contraction are now much faster than a tension of the muscles alone. If you succeed in storing energy in the muscles during the stretching phase and if you explosively increase this energy again in the subsequent shortening phase, your jumping power and speed will increase. Training with plyoboxes is particularly useful for athletes who are active and fast in sports, e.g. Ball sports, athletics, fitness or martial arts, very popular. Training at the boxes not only improves bounce and speed, it also improves response time, flexibility, coordination, condition and reduces the risk of injury to ligaments and tendons. So that you can do the exercises with a plyobox, e.g. in the fitness area, you need a certain amount of stamina and strength right from the start. If you have practice in this training, an increase in intensity can be carried out, for example, by a higher repetition of the jumps.

Types of plyoboxes
In addition to different heights of the boxes (jump height), you can choose between hard and soft models when buying a pylobox. The hard plyoboxes are made of wood (wooden box) and some of these boxes have a surface with non-slip rubber. The plyoboxes are particularly characterized by their high durability, stability and stability. The soft boxes are made of foam (soft). The soft material has the advantage that the risk of injury when training with this plyobox is significantly reduced and thus also the advantage of reducing the inhibition threshold for jumping onto the box or the plyo box. The foam plyoboxes are particularly suitable for beginners and beginners.

Buying great plyobox
The plyoboxes in our shop are all characterized by the following advantages and properties:

  • Durable and resilient
  • Pretty tough
  • Different heights and sizes or dimensions of the plyo boxes (as jump boxes or as jump boxes in different jump heights)
  • High quality manufacture and materials (wood or foam)
  • High stability and security
  • Extreme grip of the surfaces when jumping for the feet
  • Suitable for every athlete
  • Favorable price of the training boxes