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Cable Pulling Equipment

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Cable pulley equipment are part of the basic equipment of every fitness studio and represent optimal training for building muscle in the entire upper body (e.g. the chest) (sometimes also used as a training device for the legs). However, you can also use this fitness equipment for fitness training at home or in training therapy in physiotherapy or physiotherapy and rehab in addition to ergometers. In our shop you will find a large selection of different traction devices or cable pulley equipment in high quality and at reasonable prices. Discover the right training device now and benefit from effective upper body training.

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Buy high-quality & effective pulling devices or cable pulley equipment

What are cable pulleyequipment?

Pulling devices, or also known as cable pulley or cable pulling devices, offer effective training of the entire upper body muscles. You train the entire muscles of the upper body. It is an optimal training of the abdomen, arm, chest, back and shoulders. The pulling device is the classic fitness device, which should not be missing in any gym. There are also models and versions of the pulling devices that you can use very well when training at home. From lat pull-down pulley to pull-up bar, fitness pull-up devices - with us you are sure to find the right pull-up device or pull-up device! The pulling devices do not help to build muscle well, but also train the stability and strength of the entire body as well as mobilize certain areas or muscle groups. For this reason, the pulling devices are also often used in physiotherapy or physiotherapy and rehabilitation (e.g. in MTT training therapy) in addition to ergometers as effective training devices.

What kind of pulling devices are there?

A basic distinction is made between the stationary pulling devices, which work with adjustable weights (in combination with a multi-gym, e.g. leg press), and the pulling devices without weight. On these fitness machines you train with your own weight or with your own body weight. Both types of pulling devices are suitable for special exercises, as well as for use at home or in the gym. There are also models that you can easily mount on the door or above a door at home (wall mounting). A great variety of exercises is possible with pulling devices.

Buying great cable pulley equipment

The pulling devices in our shop are characterized by the following advantages or properties:

  • Resilient & durable
  • Robust, even with frequent use
  • High quality of manufacture and the materials used (steel, wood, etc.)
  • Different models and dimensions (e.g. double pulling device or with cable pull)
  • With cable pull or without cable pull
  • High variety of exercises or versatility in exercises of these strength training devices and effective muscle building of the upper body (shoulders, arms, stomach, back)
  • Adjustable and therefore suitable for different body sizes
  • Fitness equipment with or without weights
  • Suitable for use in the gym, in phyiotherapy (MTT) & at home
  • Stationary devices in combination with a multi-gym (e.g. leg press) and mobile devices (e.g. for simple wall mounting
  • With handles or without handles
  • Cheap prices
  • Easy to use and use