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Swing sticks have now become an integral part of fitness training, in clubs, medical practices, in sports and also in sports training at home. The vibrations of the flexible swing sticks are very good for the muscles of the whole body and lead to effective fat burning and muscle building. You will also train your coordination skills when moving the bars. In our shop you will find a large selection of different swing sticks or models in high quality from well-known manufacturers or brands, such as Flexi bar or Swing Bar and Bioswing, and at great prices and buy the right training device or model in our shop. Exercise with a swing stick and do something good for your body (back, chest, torso, legs, arms).

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Buy high-quality & robust swing sticks with optimal flexibility

What is a swing sticks?

The swing stick, or Flexi bar, has become an integral part of the gym and therapy practice. Training with the swing stick is gentle on the joints and is absolutely effective. A bit of skill is required when training with the swing stick, because it is not that easy to swing the rod properly. As with rocking, one impulse is sufficient to set the rod in vibration, afterwards the swing stick must always be given a new impulse at the right moment. Each of the exercises with the swing stick activates the deep muscle layers in the body and at the same time trains the interaction of the individual muscles. The swing stick is therefore particularly popular in back hours or when training with older people. The gentle strengthening impulses that come from the swing stick train targeted stabilizers of the spine, as well as the core muscles and the endurance. Whether standing, prone or supine, each exercise with the swing stick (Staby) specifically targets your deep muscles, trains coordination, strength endurance and exercises shape your body contours at the same time. With the training or with exercises with a swing stick (Staby) you can specifically combat bad posture or avoid bad posture (training the muscles on the back, upper body, arms, chest, etc.). In our shop you will find a large selection of swing sticks or different models from well-known brands or manufacturers, in high quality and at a great price.


The effect of a swing stick

This training device has its origins in the area of rehabilitation and enables effective training of the spine and leads to a stabilization of the whole posture. But that's not all: a vibrating wand is a great training device for addressing the proprioceptors. These ensure communication between the brain and nervous system. Strengthening these deep muscles or this muscle group can alleviate back pain and tension, among other things. Prevent in the shoulder area and neck area. In the meantime, the thin, long bars are also firmly established in the fitness area and in health courses and are used in every studio, in every practice and in every club. Regular training keeps the whole body fit and builds muscles, fat and leads to a tightening of the connective tissue.


Movements with a swing stick

Setting the swing stick in motion for just a few seconds is not that easy, which can be a disadvantage of the swing stick. The rod is based on the vibrations or vibrations of the rod and requires movement to maintain the regular vibrations. Beginners or beginners should stand waist-width to learn the swing technique and be in a safe position. The swing stick must be kept loose and encompassed with the entire palm. The wrist and hand are held in a neutral position and the shoulders and elbows remain firm. The movements (back and forth) should be small and towards the extension of the arms. You have to get the vibrations by short impulses over several seconds. The vibrations are transmitted to the muscles of the entire body and the body has to withstand these vibrations or this vibration and balance it with its muscles.


Differences in swing sticks

When buying a swing stick, you should definitely consider the following aspects, which can make swing sticks distinguish from each other, note:


  • Material: Most swing sticks are made of durable fiberglass or glass fiber (GRP). It is a glass fiber reinforced plastic (glass fiber, GRP), which is highly elastic and has a high elongation at break. The handles of the swing stick are made of PU or natural rubber. These substances or materials are well tolerated by the skin and pleasant to touch.
  • Length: The swing sticks in our shop have different lengths. A basic distinction can be made between swing sticks in the size for children and swing sticks in the size of adults. A swing sticks for children should have a length of 120 cm (weight not heavier than 500 g). Adults should use swing sticks with a length of 150 to 160 cm.
  • Flexibility or stretching of the rod: A swing stick should have good stretching, stretchability and elasticity. The following applies: the more rigid a swing stick, the more difficult it is to vibrate the rod and thus to train with the swing stick. For this reason, we recommend beginners or a beginner very elastic and easy-to-stretch swing sticks (high flexibility). Because compared to a more rigid rod, it is easier for them to learn the technique of movement.