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Balance pads can be seen as a universal training block. Because with the pads you can (regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced or advanced) carry out an effective and joint-friendly workout in the fitness or therapy area without many other training materials or training equipment. In our shop you will find a large selection of resilient and high-quality balance pads from well-known brands, such as Airex, and at a great price. Discover the right balance pad or product now and use our product or pad to conduct effective training at home, in the gym or in the therapy area!

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Buying high-quality balance pads for coordination exercises

What are balance pads?

Balance pads or wobble cushions and balance cushions, in a special square foam plate for workouts for stability, balance and balance. If you step on the unstable surface, an imbalance arises. If you try to balance or stabilize the imbalance while exercising, you have to activate muscles (the entire musculature), joints, ligaments and vision throughout the body. Only by stabilizing the muscles does the whole body regain balance. With Balance Pad you can do a full body workout. Standing on the balance pad or on this pad is not only a great training for skills such as balance and coordination, but also strengthens the deep muscles and the mobility of the joints very well, e.g. at the foot. Balance pads are also very suitable for everyone who wants to maintain, train and strengthen their general physical fitness and endurance. With a balance pad, you can perform an effective workout for the entire body without many other training devices.


What can I use the Balance Pad for?

A balance pad or pillow can be used in training at home, in the gym, in a club or in physiotherapy or occupational therapy practice and in the rehabilitation center. The areas of application of balance pads include the following:

  • To maintain general fitness, flexibility and endurance, even in competitive sports
  • In the areas of physiotherapy e.g. to gymnastics
  • After accidents in rehabilitation e.g. for injuries to the foot, leg, knee, hip or back to accelerate the healing process
  • For balance exercises or balance training, body awareness, coordination exercises and reaction training
  • To prevent sports injuries & accidents
  • To promote stability or stability & to improve posture and feeling
  • For yoga and pilates exercises

There are numerous areas of application and exercises (standing exercises, sitting exercises, lying exercises etc.) in which training with a balance pad is very effective. When training athletes or in competitive sports, balance pads are also part of the basic equipment of the training materials. Because with the pads or pillows, the athletes can perform optimal proprioceptive training, balance training and stabilization training (barefoot).


Buying the right balance pad

The balance pads in our range are characterized by by the following advantages or properties:

  • Robust and resilient
  • Optimal softness (not too soft, but also not too hard)
  • Available in various sizes and sizes
  • Easy & hygienic to clean (high hygiene of the pad)
  • Durable
  • Some models or designs can be used on both sides & on any surface or floor
  • Destabilizing properties (perfect instability of the coordination mat or of the surface
  • Versatile: indoor, outdoor and in water
  • Great colors (colors such as blue, green or pink)
  • Pleasant haptics of the mat or the coordination mat for use barefoot (soft)
  • Great features in the exercises
  • High quality materials (foam)
  • With pimples or without pimples
  • Joint-protecting & destabilizing effect (ideal instability of the mat)
  • Production material (foam) is free of PVC and phalate and nice and soft
  • Excellent cushioning
  • From well-known brands, such as Airex
  • Non-slip surface and non-slip bottom