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Balance discs are not only handy & effective training devices, but also versatile in various training areas (fitness area, functional training, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, other therapy areas etc.). You can also use the cushions or pads (ball cushions) well at work as a variable and dynamic seat at the desk. In our shop you will find a large selection of different high-quality balance discs, which are made by well-known brands such as Airex, Togu, Dynair or Sissel. Discover our high-quality balance discs now and order the right product or training device at a great price easily online in our shop.

  1. Togu® BalanceSensor Dynair®
    Togu® BalanceSensor Dynair®
    Soon available again
  2. Togu® Aero-Step® one, red
    Togu® Aero-Step® one, red
    Immediately available
  3. SISSEL Balancefit
    SISSEL Balancefit
    Immediately available
  4. Trial® Skimmy SUPER Ø 40 cm
    Trial® Skimmy SUPER Ø 40 cm
    Immediately available
  5. Gonge® Air Board
    Gonge® Air Board
    Soon available again
  6. Half-Ball Dynamic
    Half-Ball Dynamic
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  7. BOSU® PowerStax
    BOSU® PowerStax
    Immediately available
  8. Togu® Jumper Pro
    Togu® Jumper Pro
    Soon available again
  9. BOSU® Balance Trainer PRO
    BOSU® Balance Trainer PRO
    Only 4 left in stock
  10. Togu® Jumper Mini
    Togu® Jumper Mini
    Soon available again
  11. Togu® Jumper
    Togu® Jumper
    Only 2 left in stock
  12. tanga sports® Balance Step
    tanga sports® Balance Step
    Immediately available
  13. Togu® Aero-Step® Pro
    Togu® Aero-Step® Pro
    Immediately available

30 Items

per page
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Robust balance discs for optimal balance

What are balance discs ?

Balance discs include Coordinating trainers and an integral part of both fitness and physiotherapy and senior sports. While balance and coordination training is gaining in importance in the fitness sector up to competitive sports, similar devices can also be found in therapy and rehabilitation. Proprioceptive training and stabilization training are always part of the basic training of soccer players, basketball players or handball players. The balance discs are air-filled training devices that strengthen the core muscles and in particular the deep muscles during regular use (sitting, standing, etc.). Due to the unstable surfaces of the balance discs, proprioceptors, fine sensors that are embedded in muscles and ligaments, are addressed (sensorimotor system is addressed). The deep muscles are strengthened and the intermuscular coordination and sensorimotor skills are improved by training the balance and coordination. The deep muscles, the so-called stabilizers, are very important. Because these run close to the joint and give it the necessary stability. Because of this and also to improve the trunk muscles, the use of a balance discs is not only useful after torn ligaments or knee and ankle injuries. For the back muscles, as well as all muscles and muscle groups all over the body, exercises and movements on the balance discs are also very good. A variety of exercises with the balance discs are possible. All exercises for the whole body are very effective. Training with the balance discs improves the balance or sense of balance (balance training), coordination and posture, which means that the balance discs is often used in various strength exercises for better muscles from the whole body and gymnastic exercises. There are also so-called ball cushions that you can use for a back-friendly sitting (improvement of the back muscles and posture from the back) on the desk chair (seat pad). Because the pillows are particularly good for back pain and back pain when working at the desk. Another advantage of the balance discs is that training on the pillow or balance discs is very joint-friendly training and therefore often when training with seniors for e.g. a balance training or to improve the sense of balance and for more exercise is used. However, you should note that the balance disc is not used on a pointed surface.

Different balance discs

There is a large selection of different balance discs, which include train coordination skills effectively. The pillows differ among other things. due to the following properties:

  • Surface: The surface of a balance discs can be designed with knobs or smooth. A pimpled surface provides an additional massage effect and particularly stimulates the blood circulation in the sole of the foot when standing on the balance discs. Balance discs or ball pillows with a smooth surface are particularly suitable. to sit on e.g. Desk (seat pad) as they are a soft and gentle underlay.
  • Material: When buying a balance discs , it is important that you ensure that the material of the balance discs is free of PVC and phthalate. This means that the balance discs should be made without harmful plasticizers.
  • Size or diameter: The Balance discs are available in many different sizes and diameters. A diameter of 30 cm is recommended as a balance disc for children. In this size, the balance discs can also be stowed away to save space. Adults should use balance discs with a diameter of 33-36 cm. There are also balance discs with a diameter of up to 50 cm. This size offers even more seating comfort and, of course, a larger step and lying surface (balance mat), which means that balance discs of this size can be used well during exercises while standing.
  • Internal pressure and resilience: the balance discs are filled with air and are inflated using an air pump. For this reason, you can easily determine the pressure or the softness or hardness of the balance discs by simply pumping more or less air into the pillow. You should note that the more plump the balance discs is, the more stable it is. A thickness of 6 cm is ideal for promoting balance. In addition, you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the load capacity of the balance discs . Surgeries in particular should use resilient balance discs , since many people of different weights use the discs here.

Buying a balance discs

Our balance discs or pads are all characterized by the following advantages and properties:

  • Non-slip surface
  • Particularly soft and destabilizing
  • Waffle-like structure of the surface
  • High quality & skin-friendly materials (free of PVC)
  • Different sizes and diameters
  • Different surfaces (with or without knobs)
  • In great colors
  • Resilient & robust
  • From well-known brands or manufacturers, such as Togu, Dynair, Sissel or Airex
  • Easy inflation with one pump
  • Great price
  • Light weight & easy to transport due to the low weight (uninflated condition)

How do I care for and clean the balance discs ?

During storage, the balance discs can easily be placed on top of each other or stacked. However, you should always make sure that there are no sharp objects near the balance disc is placed on a pointed surface. In addition, the balance disc should not be exposed to direct heat or stored next to a heater. You can easily remove the coarse dirt or dust with a damp cloth. In addition, most balance discs and most materials can be disinfected. In our shop you will also find a large selection of other documents for balance training, such as a balance pad or a balance mat.