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Aerobics: With or without the step - aerobic training is a lot of fun for everybody in the fitness centre or in the gym

Aerobics had been the top trend of the fitness scene in the 70's and in the 80's. Developed in the US, aerobics and aerobic training caused a real boom initially in America. Later on, aerobics conquered the fitness centres and gyms all over the world. In the end it was Jane Fona who made aerobics and the aerobic training as popular as it has become today. Due to Jane, even younger women and girls got interested in doing some aerobic moves and enjoying the good music. When exercising aerobics, improving your body’s stamina and coordination skills are the main goals of training. In course of the years, the contents of aerobic training have changed: Previously, during aerobics courses, you had to do a lot of jumps and thus you reached high heart rate levels for cardio training. Today the main aim of aerobic training is to hold a mid-level heart rate and to execute whole-body movements. Therefore, aerobic training is nowadays well known as a soft method to improve the cardiovascular system and it is a funny way of exercising for young and old. In the aerobic training, you do not use the step. The small board called step is only used in step aerobics classes. A step should be stable, solid and above all non-slipping. On top you should be able to adjust the height of the step. In our online shop you find the popular Reebok step, as well as the professional Kübler Sport step. In every way you need good and motivating music in your class or step course. In our shop you get the adequate sound systems and sound boosters of Aschenbach and further producers. Not only stamina or cardio training is part of a professional aerobics class, gradual strength training, called workout, is also part of the traditional aerobics class. The adequate equipment for your workout is waiting for you in our online shop. We do not only have dumbbells and heavy hands, in our shop you will find various classic and new, interesting equipment for your workout as well. We have the classic Redondo ball in different colours and the latest product of Redondo, the Redondo ball touch, is also included in our shop. Just make your training course and workout exciting with tubes; your participants will have a lot of fun. For the resistance training the Thera Band is very popular equipment. Rubber Band, the modern version of the Deuser Band, can also be found in our shop.

Bodypump: The heavy aerobic training

Bodypump is a very popular version of the group training. Iron Pump, Iron Power or Bodypump, this aerobic training has a lot of different names. The main goal of this training is to improve your body’s strength and stamina and above all, your coordination skills. For the heavy Bodypump training, every participant needs a barbell and weight discs. According to the exercise and your own feeling, you put the weight discs on the barbell. In our online shop, you either get a pump set including barbell, weight discs and spring quick locks or get single barbells spring quick locks and a storage rack for your Bodypump class.

In the following you get a short overview of our product range regarding aerobics:

  • Dumbbells
  • Kübler Sport dumbbells
  • Bodypump
  • Sound systems

Steps and other equipment, such as the BOSU or Jumper, can also be used to improve stability and coordination or for your core training. They are often used for exercises regarding back and belly, for push-ups or even to relax. You find the Jumper and other air filled stability trainers in our online shop in the category aerobics. Apart from group fitness training in sports clubs and fitness centres; they are also used by team sports players and professional athletes.