You will definitely think, „big words“ – but barbell bars and weights of Eleiko are used in more than thousands of competitions and with the equipment of Eleiko thousands of records and world records have been set. Eleiko is a strong brand. The company Eleiko has been found in 1958 but internationally well-known it became in the year 1963. Here Eleiko had been the first barbell bar which had been used during a full competition - and surprisingly the barbell did not break or bend. Eleiko is the first producer for high-quality weightlifting and powerlifting equipment. Kübler Sports is the German sales office and specialized dealer for all Eleiko quality equipment. All products are immediately available and our product manager is pleased to answer all your questions regarding weightlifting and powerlifting and the adequate equipment.


Forman Hellström worked for a small company producing electronic device, in the south of Sweden in a small town called Halmstadt. He was interested in weightlifting. One day he thought of producing a very special weightlifting barbell bar made of special iron material. It should have been even stronger and more durable than every other barbell bar before. Inspired by the design of the inside of the waffle iron he tried to copy this design onto the barbell bar. That is the reason why the bar has the special knurling design. Today the barbell bar of Eleiko is the most popular barbell bar in the world and very famous for its special quality. The "Eleiko feeling" everybody is talking about is due to the particular feeling during the workout and the good grip.

Every single Eleiko barbell bar, for training or competition purposes, is real art works, produced on high quality standard. Eleiko is quality with its secret Swedish steel material, the unique design of the barbell bar and the special endings of the barbell. To make sure that every single barbell bar meets the requirements for its training and competition purposes, every bar is tested. The barbell bars are load with 1500 kg in the middle of the bar and should not bend or break. In training and weightlifting competitions the barbell bars will however never be load with such weights. The barbell bar has to get back in its straight form after testing with a tolerance of 0,5 mm. The same testing is executed with the endings of the barbell bar, though with 2000 kg each side. You will not be surprised that you get a life long warranty for the Eleiko barbell bars.

NEW: Eleiko XF Bumper barbell discs and barbell bars


The sustainability and the quality of the barbell bar is as important as the feeling you have when using the barbell bar. The Eleiko barbell bar is famous for its special Eleiko feeling. Athletes always name the perfect grip, the special design in combination with the soft rotation and the flexibility of the barbell bar when they talk about the Eleiko feeling. All these characteristics turn the Eleiko barbell bars into a unique device. The barbell bar has been improved in the course of the years due to practical experiences in professional weightlifting. The knowledge of the practical experiences is used to develop new markets of fitness and strength training. A lot of professional sports teams and athletes of various sports disciplines use Eleiko products to improve strength, coordination and other skills. You can find the following Eleiko products in our online shop:


Our special Eleiko formation you get the best formation regarding functional strength training. We therefore have the best trainers and instructors such as Charles Poliquin, Paul Chek and Steve Cotter and many, many more. Personal Trainer, trainer, instructors and physiotherapists from all over the world attend the training.

"Eleiko is well known as the "gold standard" regarding strength training and Olympic weightlifting. ELEIKO has the best quality and a lot of Olympic weightlifting champions use it."

"Eleiko is the leader regarding high quality products for weightlifting."

"The Eleiko formation in Sweden offers the best formation regarding weightlifting."

"Eleiko is much more than just professional weightlifting. Strength and stamina training is a main part of every sports discipline and the basic workout for every Olympic champion!"