Court Royal® POINTER II

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Court Royal
Court Royal® POINTER II Court Royal

The freestanding tennis pointer is made from several, very robust and durable injection moulding-ABS plastic plates, with a thickness of approx. 4 mm. The pointer is therefore durable, weather-resistant and lightfast and this for a great price. On the display, there are 6 easy to turn and not adhering turnable plates with 7 cm high numbers for a good readability. The freestanding tennis pointer is readable from both sides. Thanks to the included special fixing, it can be mounted to the fence. Details Court Royal Pointer: - freestanding tennis pointer - measurements display: 60 x 46 cm - numbers 7 cm high - readable from both sides - made from robust weather-resistant plastic - for max. 3 sets - with home and guest marking - available in the colours blue (T1643-01), white (T1643-05) and green (T1643-07).

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SKU T1644-07
Length 60.00 cm
Width 46.00 cm
Weight 1.80 kg