Climbing self assurancesystem TRUBLUE

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Climbing self assurancesystem TRUBLUE TruBlue

Self-locking device for climbing, climbing, recreation or climbing walls in sports halls. The fuse makes a backup partner superfluous and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The safety principle is based on a magnetic braking system, which decelerates a lintel evenly and jerk-free and operates absolutely wear-free. The speed automatically adjusts itself to the weight of the climber. TRUBLUE safety devices are suitable for body weights of 20 to 150 kg. The TRUBLUE fuse is easy to install and convert. It offers a max. Drain height of 12.5 m. The harness system does not damage either the climbing wall or the handles compared to cable or rope safety devices and can be replaced on site. The unit has to be inspected only once a year for inspection. TRUBLUE fuse systems meet the international safety standards BS EN 341. Product features: - Wear-free magnetic brake system - Suitable for children and adults with a body weight of 20 to 150 kg - Maximum discharge height 12.5 m - Easy to assemble and convert - Indoor and outdoor use

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