Rutschen, Federwippen, Vario-Kletterpark-System, Spielplatzgeräte für Schulen, Kindergärten und andere öffentliche Einrichtungen

Playground Devices

Playground equipment for schools, kindergartens and other public places

Playgrounds equipped with a slide, swing, seesaw or climbing equipment are the ideal places for children to have fun, play together and pass some time outdoors. When playing in the sandbox you make new friends and have exciting adventures together. Having fun with the slide or trying to go higher on the swing than your friend, these are typical games to play on a playground. Besides the old-fashioned and well known playground equipment, the new generation of playground tools and equipment such as climbing courses, slacklines and others offer totally new possibilities to play, move and have fun for young and old. With the climbing frame, rope bridge and pendular beam new and exciting games will develop. Who can climb up to the top, and who can walk over the balance beam without falling down? Who can do the most pull-ups at the horizontal bar? With the help of the latest playground equipment, children can easily improve their motoric skills. Furthermore, playing in groups improves social skills. Climbing parks and rope courses offer a lot of different possibilities to play, climb, swing, balance and to simply have fun. The rope parkour Haiger is perfect for a complete school class. But not only children are having a lot of fun on the playgrounds, even the older ones, the adults, enjoy the time on the playgrounds. For parents, playgrounds are places to meet other parents and to have nice encounters. While the kids play, the adults have some chats and enjoy their free time. Even children's birthday parties are often celebrated on playgrounds and also youth clubs and youth groups love to meet on playgrounds.

Vario-climbing parkour - every playground converts into a real adventure

With the single elements and modules of the vario climbing parkour you can easily establish a real adventure playground. Depending on your wishes and needs you can compile your individual exciting course for your swimming pool, Entertainment Park or other leisure facility. Hotels and also motorway stations increase the value of their outdoor areas with modules and elements for climbing and moving. And of course not only children have a lot of fun with the climbing areas and courses. Adults get more and more interested in moving and exercising outdoors. "Keep fit trails" are outdated - cross-generational playgrounds, outdoor fitness courses and co. is the popular tools. In big cities you can find fitness equipment for outdoor training and exercising in the park. They are mostly equipped with horizontal bars to do pull-ups, climbing frames and balancing elements such as the slackline and balancing beam. Since you can compile the single elements according to your wishes and needs, there will be no limit for your outdoor fitness area. The single modules can also be used for a private playground at home in your garden. Of course the modules correspond to the current safety regulations and are very easy to install.

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The slackline belongs to the most popular playground equipment at the moment. With the Slackmaster and our outdoor slackline posts we offer you the perfect equipment to guarantee fun and action with the slackline even in public places and in the park.