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Climbing & Playground Equipment

Climbing, climbing walls and playground equipment - climbing equipment and accessories for those who want to fly at higher games

p>It is necessary for children to play, move and exercise. In this way, they do not only learn faster, but also improve social skills, for example while protecting each other while climbing. Holding the anti-fall guard and protecting the climber is helping to improve confidence, courage and responsibility for each other.

Bouldering walls provide the perfect start for climbing sports

Climbing without protection or anti-fall guard is called bouldering. This special type of climbing can be done by everybody at any time, given that the necessary safety standards have been respected when building up the bouldering wall. If you need some advice regarding the subjects mentioned above, please do not hesitate contacting us. In the following you will find a short overview of our best products belonging to the category climbing and playground equipment:

  • Climbing wall
  • Bouldering wall
  • Climbing handholds
  • Volume elements
  • Outdoor-trampolines
  • Eurotramp-trampolines
  • Groundtrampolines
  • Kids-tramps
  • Playground devices

We do the planning, delivery and mounting of all equipment for a sportive school break. From the simple setup of a small bouldering wall up to an ambitious top-rope-climbing wall, we are your reliable partner. Furthermore, we are experts in the installation of outdoor trampolines. Please also find new ideas of playground devices in our broad range of products.