Beco® Swimming Googles Sealife

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Beco® Swimming Googles Sealife Beco

Soft swimming goggles for children from 4 years. Lenses with 100% UV protection and anti-fog. Delivery including storage box. In the Kübler Sport Online Shop you will find a large selection of children's swimming goggles and swimming goggles for adults. Whether training or competition, sports glasses or panoramic glasses - here you are guaranteed to find the right swimming goggles for every requirement. Swimming goggles kids - Swimming Goggles Basic, Art. W2771 - Beco swimming goggles Acapulco, Art. W2780 - Beco swimming goggles Sealife in blue (item W2808-01), green (item W2808-07) and pink (item W2808-12) Other Beco Sealife products are available online. Whether Beco Sealife life jacket (item W2420) or Beco Sea Life diving rings (item W2622, W2623) - in Kübler Sport Online Shop in the category of water sports you will find it.

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