At Kübler Sport you will find the right ball for every team sport: no matter if football or fistball, volleyball or handball and no matter if training balls, softballs or official competition balls.


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The ball is the ultimate gaming device and also very versatile. That's not the only reason why he is the center of every team sport. At Kübler Sport you will find the right ball for every team sport: no matter if football or fistball, volleyball or handball and no matter if training balls, softballs or official competition balls. Are you unsure or miss a special ball? Contact us and we are happy to help!
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The perfect ball for every sport

The ball: the heart of the team sport

Round, handy and robust - it is considered one of the oldest game and training equipment ever: the ball. Whether football, handball, basketball or volleyball, as different as all these sports are, they all have one thing in common: Balls are the central element , Small or big balls, leather balls, synthetic leather or foam balls, they all have a high demand character. With a ball in the hand or on the foot, you can not help but play. No matter what ball sport and no matter what ball size, whether bounce ball, football or table tennis ball, exercise ball or recreational ball, at Kübler Sport you can buy the right balls for it, in our wide range of sports balls, the right one is certainly there.

The right ball for king football

Football is the ultimate team sport in Germany. For the big and small, professionals and recreational footballers, we offer footballs from well-known brand manufacturers such as Adidas, Derbystar and Nike, including the official soccer balls of the Bundesliga or the World Championships. Also by buying our high quality and affordable Kübler Sport Balls you are well prepared for the upcoming training sessions. In addition to a large selection of betting and training balls, you will also find Lightballs, which are used in the youth classes. From here you will also find Lightballs (light footballs) for training as competitive Lightballs for tournaments and leagues. Also for futsal and indoor football you can choose from a wide selection of balls for training and tournament. The right balls for exciting beach soccer games are also available for purchase. Of course recreational kickers will also find the right ball for us: from softball to rubber balls for children or particularly stable street soccer balls to ball packages for schools and clubs, there is something for everyone.

Handballs for the self-proclaimed sport number 1

Handball players will find in our range also the perfect sports equipment for your ball sport. Here you have the choice between handballs in all sizes of famous brands such as Kempa, Select, Hummel or Molten. Even the official handball ball of the IHF or the last World Championships are among them. For beginners are our soft and methodic handballs and also suitable for school sports balls, and recreational balls buy from us. If you are a fan of Beachhandball or Tchoukball, you will also find it here.

Basketballs for true dribbling artists

Whether for the hall, the sports field or streetball: our extensive basketball assortment leaves nothing to be desired. Buy basketball or training balls suitable for point-of-sale in all official sizes of brands such as Spalding, Baden and Molten. Furthermore, you will find in our assortment also Streetball basketballs, as well as soft soft basketballs and balls suitable for leisure. You can find basketball balls suitable for school sports as well as FIBA-approved competition balls. So they are well equipped for the next matches.

Volleyballs for smashing, flatbeds, dredging in sand and shed

You are a volleyball fan? No matter if you favor beach volleyball or indoor volleyball, you will surely find the perfect ball for smashing and planking. Buy beach volleyballs for a leisure match as well as DVV and FIVB approved competition balls. In addition, our ball assortment ranges from Mikasa and Molten balls to the long-lasting volleyball balls from Kübler Sport or soft soft and methodical balls. Also for indoor volleyball we offer you a large selection of approved betting balls, as well as balls for training and leisure.

In the Gentle Way - Foam balls for beginners and school sports

Foam balls or softballs are ideal for learning the basic techniques of a ball sport. They are lighter and softer than the originals of their sport, which reduces the fear of injury to beginners. In addition, balls of foam fly slower, so that movements can be learned better. At Kübler Sport you will find foam balls made of open-pored foam, as well as closed-cell foam balls or soft balls with elephant skin. In addition, we offer you the soft method balls of ProSoft, as well as foam cubes and foam Frisbees.

Not enough? Balls for other sports

In addition to the ball classics, our range also offers sports balls for many other ball sports. Here you will find, for example, tennis balls or table tennis balls that can be used in training or for beginners, as well as in competition. We also offer matching (official) balls for ball sports that have grown historically from gymnastics such as bouncing ball, fistball or dodgeball. In addition, you can also buy balls and pucks for hockey, here our range includes balls for field hockey as well as hockey in the hall. Also for badminton you will find the suitable shuttles with us. With balls for the basketball-like netball and water polo, as well as the balls for baseball, football and rugby our sports basket assortment is complete.

What other balls are there?

Not only team sports need a ball, also in other sports or therapy (partly special) balls are used. Again, you will find something here. Our range includes gymnastic balls, balls for sitting and balls for therapy, as well as special pilates balls and medicine balls for the gym. You also buy bell balls for the sport of blinds or sling balls with us. Furthermore, you will also find numerous balls for fun in your free time, as well as balloons or clay targets.

Just as important as a good ball: the right accessories

To ensure that the balls are always in good condition, we offer not only the right balls for every sport but also the right ball accessories - from ball bags, ball nets and ball carriages for proper storage or easy transport of balls to various ball pumps and valve pins. Also care products such as leather fat can be found with us.