Ball School Heidelberg

The ballet school is designed to replace the previous games in the streets, backyards, football fields and meadows. Prof. Dr. Klaus Roth founded in 1998, the Heidelberg Ball School and the idea struck from the beginning like an "unstoppable goal".

Today the Ball School works with kinder gardens, primary schools and sports clubs. They offer children the chance to learn the "ABC of playing" in a free kind and way. The Ball School ABC should be familiar to the children as the normal ABC. Similar as letters are important for building words and phrases, the Ball School ABC is an important founding element that occurs in more or less all the sports games. The children learn to deal with requirements that are typical for the family of sport games. In this way, they get trained "to identify gaps," as well as they improve their coordination with and without the ball and they learn to identify the flight course of balls.

With its concept the ball School would like to contribute and to motivate children to do something against the lack of exercise children experience and to have a replacement for the former street-game-culture.

"... I have always been a moving child and when there was a ball, no matter what kind of, I was happy. At noon, I was out of the house and home at night, rain or snow was beside the point. I just played like I desired to: sometimes table tennis, basketball or handball, simply everything that had to do with balls ... "(Mehmet Scholl)

"Today's 'one-way education' is whether childhood appropriate or helping to develop your child’s skills. The showing and experiencing different ways and directions within the beginning must be most important. The overall motto is, 'Versatile games help you become great!'" (Heiner Brand)