Ball Container - (B)All in One

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for about 20 soccer balls

Ball Container - (B)All in One

The practical storage tonne (B)All in Tonne for clubs and schools.

With this tonne you have a very practical storage possibility for all kinds of balls. The special holes on 3 sides of the tonne guarantee a very good ventilation and provide a quick drying of the balls and the trainings equipment. With the solid rubber whells, the tonne can be easy transported. The supplied carbines help to store the training equipment in the tonne. The huge storage space of 240 litre enables a storage of 20 footballs. The tonne is lockable with a bicycle lock. The wheather-proof plastic is very stable and durable. On the front there is a label field in which you can note the name of teh club, school or team.

Details of the (B)All in Tonne:
- huge storage space (240 litre for ca. 20 footballs)
- easy transport due to low weigth (ca. 13 kg) and solid rubebr wheels
- dry storage, also outdoor
- wheather-proof plastic (maintenance-free) in different colours
- colours: yellow, orange, red, blue, dark green, black
- different hooks (2 x carbines, 2 x hooks)
- with label line on the front

With the order please indicate colour. When the purchase is made online, please use the text box at step 5, for colour requests.
The (B)All in tonne is trademark protected.

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