Baden® QB1 PERFECTION Leather Football


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Baden® QB1 PERFECTION Leather Football

Absolute top game ball for American Footbal in a traditional American football design with reworked premium leather for the perfect grip and great ball feel. The football has official size (smallest legal size) & weight and is NFHS approved.

Perfect shape:
Thanks to extensive testing and new technology, the force vectors of the hand have been localized to create a perfect form of this football. The result is a ball with an almost automatic spin.

Special Sharkback Seam:
The new Sharkback seam of the football makes a perfect fixation point for the Quarterback's fingers and minimizes the slipping of the throwing hand.

Revised leather:
The new QB1 leather ensures optimum grip with high and even rotation of the ball under all conditions.

Smallest legal size:
With the smallest approved size, quarterbacks or those who want to be able to throw them at a higher speed, regardless of the hand size of the thrower.

Ideal 'trigger' for the pointing finger:
The index finger is the last point of the hand that is in contact with the ball. By the slight elevation of the seam, the force can be brought directly to the ball center, which has an immediate effect on the spin rate of the ball.

Product features American Football QB1 Perfection:
- Material: leather
- Weight: approx. 400 g
- Length: approx. 27.5 cm
- cross-circumference: approx. 53 cm

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Product information
Package width
17.9 cm
Package length
38.7 cm
Package height
27.8 cm
Properties & Features
Ball size
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