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Shot put requires a high degree of coordination skills and also speed, because not only the force decides how far the ball flies. At Kübler Sport you get high-quality shot balls for shot put in training, competition and school in different sizes and weights, as well as for the hall.

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Professional shot puts for training and competition

Shot put in athletics

Shot put is one of the four throwing disciplines of athletics. It is pushed out of a circular shot put ring, which is provided with a bar in the direction of ejection. The athlete may only touch the inside of this during the attempt. The ball must land within a drawn sector and the attempt is only valid as long as the athlete leaves the shot put ring to the rear or to the side.


The shot put techniques

There are two basic techniques in shot put, the rotary shot technique and the guide technique. In the technically particularly demanding rotary kick, the athlete makes one and a half turns, while the athlete first turns with his back to the thrust direction and then makes a half turn to the kick-off position after a leg swing. For beginners and school sports, the stand kick is ideal for learning the technique. The same sequence of movements takes place here as when gliding, except that the opening step is dispensed with.


What is the weight of shot put?

The weight of the shot put that is used depends on gender and age. In competition the women hit a 4 kg ball, the competition ball weighs 7.26 kg. The youth classes use lighter balls, so the age groups up to and including the female youth U18 and the male U14 hit with a 3 kg ball, the age group of the male youth U16 with 4kg, the male youth U18 with 5 kg and the age group of the male youth U20 with a 6 kg ball. The seniors also have lower weights. The sphere must be completely round and must have its center of gravity in the middle. The impact ball must not be softer on the outside than brass, otherwise the material of the ball is freely selectable.


The right shot put for every need

No matter which motion sequence is your favourite, whether it is rotary impact technique or planning, at Kübler Sport you will find high-quality shot put for training and competition inside and/or outside. Our shot put with official diameter made of turned, powder-coated steel are IAAF-certified and thus also approved for competitions at the highest level. In addition to cast iron shot put, you will also find EVA plastic or rubber balls with shot filling, which are also suitable for shot put in the hall.

Shock stones with a weight of up to 15kg are also available in our range. The stone thrust can be counted as an alternative to the shot put when taking the German sports badge.


Optimally equipped for training and competition

For shot put inside we offer special shot put mats made of shock absorbing material. These protect the hall floor and also show a clearly visible imprint, which makes it easier to measure the width. You will also find the referee accessories necessary for competitions such as flags, measuring tapes, sector boundaries or accessories for device testing in our range. For storage and transport you will find stable carrier bags and ball stands. In our range you will also find a large selection of medicine balls with different weights, which are also ideal for learning the shot put technique, especially for younger people.

Of course you will also find kick bars and shot put rings for your shot put system.