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Athletics is one of the core Olympic sports and as popular as ever. In popular sports, in the national youth games and in the sports badge, as well as in competitive sports will be jumped, run and thrown. At Kübler Sport you will find athletics equipment for every need: whether for school sports, sports badges, athletics training or competitions, our athletics shop offers you a wide selection of athletics accessories, equipment and devices.
  1. HANHART Stratos 2
    HANHART Stratos 2
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  2. HANHART Stopstar 2
    HANHART Stopstar 2
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  3. HANHART Profil 25
    HANHART Profil 25
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  4. HANHART Amigo-Allsport
    HANHART Amigo-Allsport
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  5. Table Stopwatch PRISMA 200
    Table Stopwatch PRISMA 200
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  6. HANHART Crown
    HANHART Crown
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  7. Table Stop Clock MESOTRON
    Table Stop Clock MESOTRON
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  8. Hanhart® Alpha stopwatch
    Hanhart® Alpha stopwatch
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Higher, faster, further: athletics in school and club, in recreational and competitive sports

The heart of the Olympic Games

Long jump, javelin, shot put, 100m-run or high jump: Athletics is diverse and probably the oldest individual sport ever. Throwing, running and jumping are already practiced in elementary school age and the forces are measured and winners chosen at the annual national youth matches. But athletics is enjoying great popularity, and not just in the recreational sector. Athletics competitions are the centerpiece and the crowd puller of the Olympic Games. The athletes compete either in all-around or in the individual disciplines such as discus throw, triple jump, long jump or sprint. Especially the 100-meter sprint has grown into a show event over the years.

Speed and endurance

From sprinting tracks, long and medium distances, hurdles or obstacles to the relay; the running disciplines of athletics are manifold. In addition to speed or endurance as basic abilities on the short distances, especially the start is an important factor, while in the hurdles technology plays a crucial role in the hurdle crossing. In the season, the changes are crucial, especially in the 4x100 m relay. In addition to starting blocks and a variety of practice and competition hurdles you will find in our range also relay woods and other equipment for school, training and competition.

Wide sentences and high altitude flights

For the training and competitions in the jump disciplines a variety of different accessories is needed. The equipment for high jump and pole vault consist of various individual parts such as the high jump or pole vaulting mat, jump stands, crossbar and an additional puncture box for pole vaulting. In the long jump and triple jump, of course, neither the sand pit nor the jump beam may be missing. Covers and weather protection are essential for all systems to ensure a long service life.

Throwing and bumping

Not only in the jump, but also in the disciplines, it always depends on how far discus, spear, hammer and ball fly, a few centimeters or even millimeters can also be decisive here. The right throwing technique is crucial here. Therefore, you will find in our athletics shop in addition to IAAF-certified competition balls, -Disk, hammers and spears and the respective exercise and training equipment. Also for the training in the hall you will find in our assortment both hall dikings and hall balls made of rubber as well as shock absorbing bullet kick mats. The correct rotation for dropping the hammer or discus can also be learned with a sling ball. Here you will find sturdy sling balls made of cowhide leather in various weight gradations, as well as medicine ball spin balls and other exercise equipment that provide variety in training.

Kids Athletics: Train with fun and games

Child track and field athletics differ in many aspects from athletics training with adults. Not only methodically and didactically must children's athletics be used differently than in adult sports, and the equipment is subject to different requirements. Playfully, the little ones are introduced to athletics and the individual disciplines and foundations are created.

Of course, in our children's athletics range, Kübler Sport also offers child-friendly versions of traditional equipment such as spear, discus, jumping stick and hurdles, which enable children to get into athletics and facilitate the learning of special techniques. The brand trial® offers a whole range of training accessories for children: In addition to the exercise discus and the Discus Soft rubber you will also find special hammer for the hammer throw or a tape measure especially for children. So you are well equipped for training. Also training accessories such as soft hurdles, cross-jump mats or coordination ladders are suitable for the children's athletics training, but also to train in early childhood speed, bounce and coordination without fear.

Well equipped for competitions and training

In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the competition, we also offer a wide range of referee accessories - from stopwatch to tape measure, timing steps and markings to official test equipment. Last but not least, you should not forget to honor the winners at the competition. That's why we do not just equip you with a certificate, trophy and medal, you can also find winners' podiums in our athletics shop.

You are also well prepared for the training: In addition to training hurdles, we also offer you runways and brands for all ski disciplines. Also other training accessories such as marker shirts, hats, accessories for resistance training and timing. Whether for club sports, athletics training, competition or school sports, we have the right equipment, training accessories, stadium equipment or complete stadium equipment for everyone.