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Ideal for every sports bag

The AIREX Balance-Pad Mini is the scaled version of the normal pads. With the same length of 40 cm, but a narrow width of 25 cm, is this Pad ideal for single leg fitness and coordination exercises.

The training tool is like all Balance Pads for balance and coordination exercises. The pads are used in physiotherapy, sports area and gladly for home or on the move. Easy and fast pocketed. With the Balance Pad Mini this is possible at any time.

Specific Applications

The balance pad is used to strengthen the knee, foot and hip muscles. On joint-gentle manner can therefore teach co-ordination, reaction and balance. In therapy, the pad is also used for platforms and hollow foot ailments. But even experienced runners can selectively connect barefoot training, strengthening and sensomotirisches training with the Airex pad.

Typical applications:

- Functional Training
- Exercising
- Reaction and coordination training
- Balance training
- Stand stability
- Rehabilitation & Therapy

Material and texture

The AIREX Balance-pad consists of a closed, water and dirt specialty foam. The textured surface is slip-resistant and provides maintenance. The material is easy to clean and very hygienic.

All AIREX products are extremely durable and long lasting and retains its shape in heavy use, and the excellent damping properties.

Product details:

- From Airex special foam
- Colour: Lava
- Dimensions: 25x41x6 cm


- Aus Airex-Spezialschaumstoff
- Farbe: Lava
- Maße: 25 x 41 x 6 cm
Product information
Package width
27.9 cm
Package height
7.6 cm
Package length
44.6 cm
Properties & Features
cellular foam
Product weight
0.35 kg
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