Add-on module Suspension Rings

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Add-on module Suspension Rings

Design your own inidvidual functional training tower! With the base frame with a height of 212 cm (K1660) or 252 cm (K1661) and a lot of different add-ons, there is the possibility of creating a fitness tower with various training options.
To build the tower, the following training stations can be composed - individual or together:

- Add-on module Monkey Bars ( K1662)
- Add-on module Lift Offs ( K1663)
- Add-on module Safety Catchs ( K1664)
- Add-on Module Tape Pegs ( K1665)
- Add-on module MultiGrip Chin Up (2-pcs, K1676)
- Add-on module Single Pull Up ( K1669)
- Add-on module Double Pull Up ( K1670)
- Add-on module Flying Pull Up ( K1671)
- Add-on module Dip Station ( K1668)
- Add-on module Plyo Step ( K1679)
- Add-on module Suspension Rings ( K1680)
- Add-on module Ball Rebounder ( K1677)
- Add-on module Ball Throw ( K1667)
- Add-on module Heavy Bag Hanger ( K1673)
- Add-on module Heavy Bag ( K1672)
- Add-on Module Kettlebell Tray ( K1674)
- Add-on module Medicine Ball Tray ( K1675)
- Add-on module T-Bar Row ( K1681)
- Add-on module U-Link ( K1682)
- Add-on module Bar Holder Vertical ( K1666)
- Add-on module Weight Plate Horns ( K1683)
- Add-on module Stability Ball Holder ( K1678)

Kübler Sport offers the Functional Training Tower with some basic equipment. You can choose between the models BASIC, ADVANCED or CLUB.
The add-on module Suspension Rings can be attached at different heights, depending on the room height. The belts or rather straps of the rings are adjustable in length, so they can be used for different exercises.
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