Zacharias Crossbar BEGINNER

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Zacharias Crossbar BEGINNER

The perfect high jumping crossbar for schools or clubs that want to offer an entry into the athletics discipline and which is perfectly designed for beginners. The Zacharias crossbar is a foil tube, which is tensioned with rubber rings and tear bars between the high jump stands. The training with the Zacharias bar is safe and takes the learning-inhibiting fear. The optimal training concept for high and pole vaulting.


Product Information:

- Crossbar for beginners 

- Takes beginners' anxiety

- Tense between the jumpers

- Foil hose with rubber rings and tear-offs

- Non-hazardous training

- Space-saving transport possible


By the way, the Zacharias-Latte owes its name to the German high-jumper Thomas Zacharias, several times German champion, who set up various German records.


In the Kübler Sport online shop you can also find mats for a gentle and soft landing. For beginners and children, jumpers or padded jumpers are recommended. These increase the safety and take the learning-inhibiting fear even before the impact.

We are happy to help you to find the optimal mat for your jumping system.

Spring-Swing made from vinyl tube with rubber cables at both ends that are fixed to high jump stands.

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