Plasticine according IAAF regulation

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Plasticine according IAAF regulation

Plasticine for 2 spring boards or an inset board with a plastic edge on both sides. Set consisting of 12 strips each with a length of 20.5 cm and an angle of 45 degrees. IAAF certified. Product features: - Plasticine - IAAF certified - Set, consisting of 12 strips with 20.5 cm each - One set is enough to fit a single board with two strips of plasticine or 2 bouncing bars - Bevelled with 45 degrees The use of plasticine during the long jump is prescribed by DLV and IAAF. If the skier leaves the jump line, the shoe leaves an imprint on the plasticine and the jump is considered invalid. In the Kübler Sport® Online Shop you will find sports equipment and accessories for the long jump as well as for all other disciplines of athletics. Whether bouncing bars made of GRP, wood, plastic and rubber, aluminium frame, single strip or blind beams - we offer you the suitable articles for use in training and competition. Complete your sports field equipment with a spring pit cover including accessories for the attachment. So you get the sand longer.

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